Legislative Update from Rep. Brenden Jones – June 5, 2017

Legislative Update from Rep. Brenden Jones – June 5, 2017

Key Bills Sponsored/Introduced Last Week

  • No bills introduced as the filing deadline has passed.


Key Committee Actions Last Week

  • SB257:  Appropriations Act 2017 (reported favorably)
  • SB421:  Use of Career & Technical Funds/Onslow County (reported favorably)


Key House Votes Last Week

  • SB257:  Appropriations Act of 2017 (voted in favor/passed the House)
  • HB333:  Local Option Sales Tax Flexibility (voted in favor/passed the House)


Week in Review


  • No scheduled meetings and a no-vote session.


  • Session convened at 3:00 p.m. and we voted on various bills including:  HB57(passed) SB326(passed) and HB310(passed).


  • Wednesday morning I attended the Appropriations Committee at 8:45 a.m. and we voted on the House version of the budget.  Much of the day was spent in the committee discussing our proposal, SB257.  It passed the committee (I voted in favor) and it is headed for its first vote on Thursday in session.
  • I was also visited by my Sheriffs from the district, where we discussed various issue and concerns facing the district; it was great seeing them in Raleigh.
  • Between Appropriations and session, I met with the Department of Environmental Quality to discuss various needs for the district.
  • Before the day ended, I sent a letter to Secretary Trogdon with DOT regarding the incredibly dangerous Boardman intersection on US-74 in Columbus County.  I am doing all I can to ensure DOT is aware of the dangers of this intersection and that safety measures need to be expedited as quickly as possible.


  • Session began at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday and we voted on various bills including:  HB333 (voted in favor), SB421(voted in favor) and the budget, SB257 (voted in favor).  The budget debate lasted for many hours before it passed the House.
  • Now, the Senate and House will meet to negotiate the differences between the two versions of the budget and look to come to a compromise moving forward.
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